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Stefan har under 2014 fungerat som min mentor under min tid som platschef på Lernia Bemanning Stockholm, Uppsala, Köping samt Västerås. Vi har arbetat främst med områdena management, affärsutveckling och personlig utveckling. Stefan har ett coachande förhållningssätt som ibland utmanar, vilket har passat mig utmärkt. Stefan har gett mig ett strukturerat arbetssätt med bl.a. processutveckling och olika affärsutvecklingsprojekt samt ett säkrare ledarskap.

Med Vänliga Hälsningar
Ulf Sinner
Platschef Lernia Bemanning Stockholm

The results after the program in referral marketing with Stefan as trainer has been astounding. Stefan did help me develop my own referral marketing strategy in an excellent way. By his humble questions he did help me see my next step, and my next step, and my next step on my journey to develop referral marketing partners. I am mostly grateful for his selfless sharing of insights and his genuine interest in the development of the business I´m currently in. I would highly recommend his courses at Referensakademin to anyone seriously into referral marketing."

David Pilbäck
VD Gnistra Städ


Stefan is a very engaged expert networker with plenty of energy and he is a very empathic and warm person. He is always making his clients and friends stretch their thinking outside the comfort zone. Stefan's structured approach to grow business through referrals has helped my own and many other businesses to get moving into the right direction. The approach is clear, logic and fun. I am giving Stefan my best recommendations for his work and recommend anyone who wishes to increase their sales pipeline to attend Stefan's introductory Referral Marketing workshop, as a starter.

Christian de Loës, PMP, B.Sc
Executive Interim/Management Consultant,
business benefits through accelerated improvements



With the Certified Networker Program of the Referral Institute I discovered the effectiveness of a strategic networking plan, how to instill word of mouth that produces really hot referrals. Compared to a traditional strategy starting with marketing, creating classical leads and after some effort to create appointments with more or less skeptical people, speaking to decision makers already waiting for my call is much more productive and of course makes a lot more fun. What I value most about the approach delivered at the Certified Networker Program people see my conversations with them as valuable themselves – increasing the trustworthiness in the business relation. The approach is absolutely in line with the human relationship principles described by Dale Carnegie. At the same time the number of meetings with significant business opportunities per week has doubled at least and still is increasing.


Dr. Clemens Widhalm, CEO Dale Carnegie Training Austria



The Certified Network Program is a must for business owners and sales professionals. Since taking the course, I have increased my sales 85% and at the same time established personal relationships that will last a lifetime.

Eddie Drescher MDRT, Northwestern Mutual



"Stefan Molander already showed his expert skills in networking in his professional approach to me and Dale Carnegie. In a world with steadily increasing competition and many potential suppliers to choose among, the "Word of Mouth" and use of referrals become an important sales and marketing tool. The Referral Academy have created concrete and structured programs within this specific topic, that can help you to increase your people and networking skills and understand the key to success when it comes to networking. We have had the pleasure to have Stefan as a trainer for our yearly sales refresher. Stefan shows that he walks the talk and is an expert to adopt his style to you as a client. He is an excellent speaker, structured, clear and deliver his message in a way that is easy to understand.     

       For all of you who wants to build and develop life long business relations, learn more through the
       Referral Institute."


                                                                                                                    Björn Höglund, Master Trainer  Dale Carnegie Nordic




The opportunities that have come forward from your Referrals for Life Class have been wonderful! The best part is cold calling is no longer a part of my scheduled week. The class has given me a way to strategize how to effectively "work less, play more, and double my income"!

Not only are you in class to learn referrals for life, you are with professionals with the same high standards in motivation and the need to learn the most efficient way to handle their business day. To meet this type of person and have lasting referral relationships from working side by side in the classroom alone is a great benefit.

After sharing my business plan with my District Manager she decided that I would be the best fit to service accounts that agents are no longer working in the field. That will be a significant increase in business for me.

Again, thank you for the opportunity, I am glad this is a year long program or I believe I would be going through withdrawal pains right now!

Libby Elliott, Agent

Dear Phil,

Thank you for your presentation. I would like to summarize the impact of your session for myself and our members.

Previously networkers would arrive at the event and either stick to who they knew or be intimidated by some groups. This stopped them from gaining the full, huge potential from the BBG events.

Since Phil spoke, I personally have learned how to approach different groups and people by recognizing their behavioral styles and adjusting my style to suit them. I also learned a lot about my own character and why sometimes I can feel uncomfortable in certain situations and more at ease in others. Just by transforming my thought process from what can I get from this person to what can I give them has made networking a pleasure.

Now I know how to get the best out of the BBG meetings and events.

I have expanded my network significantly which in time will lead me to more business and leads of a higher quality.

The BBG has seen networking event attendance increase over the last six months.

The feedback from the committee was very positive indeed.

Ben Goodman
Director Membership British Business Group

I found the course to be an extraordinary experience. The information was fresh and very useful and the interaction among class members was stimulating and thought provoking. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is serious about making word-of-mouth marketing work for his or her business.

Mark Fulton

I have experienced personality and behavior workshops before, but they were basically a listing of personality types with no useful information and no way to apply the information to the real world. This workshop is different! The unique presentation and Dawn’s engaging style created a fun atmosphere where behavioral styles were made clear and easy to understand. This workshop helped me to realize exactly why I was having trouble communicating with people who are not like me. I have incorporated some new ideas into my business based upon what I learned. I am already developing business relationships with people that would have been difficult for me before I attended this event. Every person in business should be required to take this behavior style workshop.

Karen Frank, Writer/Director
Miss Karen’s Productions

The Behavior Styles workshop was excellent! The information I learned will be used immediately. I would highly recommend this course to my staff and colleagues. Your enthusiasm is infectious. Thanks again!

Dr. David Cruz
Spine & Sports Clinic

I was amazed at how something I've heard in different ways, many times before could be done in such a different way. I am much more knowledgeable about personality traits and how they affect things in my professional, as well as personal life, after Dawns entertaining presentation. Being able to 'read' a potential client is vital to sales success, not to dupe them, but to better serve them at their level so they understand the product or service that you offer on their 'home field' versus the salesman’s.

Dawn is a dynamic, interactive, professional, fun and incredible trainer. She doesn't just regurgitate information, she draws you into the material and let's you see how it works first hand, without you even realizing it.

Chuck Hull
Midwest National

What makes this workshop a winner is that it engages the audience in an uplifting way. When we are learning and having fun at the same time, the lesson sticks. Dawn’s vitality takes learning to another level. A MUST for all your members!

Patti Salvucci, Executive Director

Referral Pipeline showed me a systematic way to build my referral business. I know exactly how many referrals I need to achieve my revenue goal and what I need to do to get them. With this simple system, I plan to double my referral business every two months for the next year!! Thanks for the incredible business building tool!

Victoria Trafton, President
People in Charge

During the first two hours of the program...My entire business changed. They took me through a process that showed me that my referral partners will help me generate over $1.2 million in business over the next year!

Kimberly Wemmer
SalesPartners Arizona

Dear Dawn:

I just wanted to send you a testimonial letter regarding the Pipeline seminar I recently attended. I have been through the seminar twice before in 2002 and 2003. At that time I found it to be beneficial to my business.

Wow! The recent improvements you have made to the seminar are fantastic. The addition of the personality profiles, the changes in the identifying portion of the seminar, and direct mail have made this training even more powerful.

The revised seminar teaches a predictable system that improves bottom line results and solves problems using relationships. And, it was fun to do! I would recommend this seminar to anyone who cannot use traditional advertising and counts on referrals to grow their business.

Victor Clarke

Dear Denise,

Thank you for your time and effort associated with the Certified Networker Program as instructor. I enjoyed each of your sessions and benefited each week in a different way. My business is certain to grow from my involvement in the Certified Networker Program.

As a Certified Financial Planner®, I established my practice as a sole practitioner. With the level of regulation and documentation increasing in my industry, I find my time to build my practice decreasing with every new client. This program provided me tools to build new relationships and leverage existing ones to gain new business on a more efficient manner. More importantly, the business I receive from these relationships tends to be more profitable than any other source. After taking this program, I am in the process of building a repeatable process to create an ongoing referral and network marketing plan.

This class would be beneficial for any professional looking to succeed in a competitive industry. As of the end of the August 2005, I have submitted enough business to qualify for Million Dollar Round Table. My future success, and growth, depends upon the improvement of my target marketing strategy and referral network. The Certified Networker Program has laid the foundation for my marketing strategies in 2006 and beyond.

Michael J. McGlothlin, ChFC, CLU, CFP

Dear Patrick,

Remember Dawn’s example about using her behavioural understanding to clinch a deal with someone who came to her home for a business meeting? Well, I had a somewhat difficult deal to win on Wednesday (the day after the course). With her story fresh in my mind. I followed her example and advice and the client immediately decided to engage me to sell his company. I am sending out an agreed engagement letter today (Thursday) and the deal will get underway within a fortnight. Over the next six months, this one deal will probably net me a minimum of €15,000 after costs! It may not have happened if I had not attended the course. So, Dawn and Mike’s visit to Dublin on 1 March 2005 was very worthwhile for this participant! Please let them know.

Michael Kealy
FCCA Company Solutions