Our programs both deliver cutting edge referral marketing insights and results. One of our signature programs is the Certified Networker® III program. The Certified Networker III is ideal for small business owners and sales professionals who have grown weary of time- and cost-intensive lead acquisition and cold calling. They will learn how to dramatically improve sales prospecting efficiency with proven referral marketing approaches.

The program's customized curriculum is designed to provide business professionals with the secret weapons to have your ideal clients sent to you. That’s right; your ideal clients want to do business with you while your referral sources are compelled to send them to you.

Whether you are embarking on Certified Networker®, Room Full of Referrals®, Referral Success 101™, Referral Pipeline® or our customized workshops, you will find that we are passionate about your success. Contact us now to find out what your next steps to success are.

Workshop Descriptions

Certifed Networker III- Boot Camp
Certified Networker® III
Emotionally Charged Connection™
Månadens lunch!
Networking Cafe med Dr. Ivan Misner
Partner Program introduktion
Partner Program introduktion
Referral Partner Day
Referral Pipeline®
Referral Success 101
Referrals For Life® - Business Community
Referrals For Life® Day
Room Full of Referrals®
Speaking Engagements
Target Market-Finding Your Starting Point
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